7 Hours To Go Movie Review

7 Hours To Go Movie Review

7 Hours To Go Movie Review

7 Hours To Go Movie Review

7 Hours To Go Movie Review
MOVIE: 7 Hours To Go
DIRECTOR: Saurabh Varma
RATING: 2.0/5
CAST: Sandeepa Dhar, Shiv Pandit, Natasa Stankovic, Varun Badola
DURATION: 1 hour 55 minutes
GENRE: Thriller Movie

STORY: 7 Hours To Go Movie Review A man named Arjun Ranavat flatboats into the Bombay High Court, taking seven individuals prisoner. He undermines to kill one man every hour if the cops neglect to discover proof against a degenerate agent named Kabeer Khemka. Inside minutes, he has the whole police power on their toes. The astounded cops begin researching about him as the clock ticks by. Do they win this race against time?

REVIEW: Saurabh Varma’s incompetent film can be best summed in Varun Badola’s discourse that means – “Make such an over the top arrangement, to the point that even in 50 years, nobody can trust that we pulled off something like this.” Well, seems to be accurate for the motion picture too. 7 Hours To Go is psyche desensitizing. What was touted to be tight thriller, winds up as a sodden squib. It likely had a promising thought on paper however loses the coarseness on the move.

The screenplay moves at snail’s pace and is totally without strain. A swarm of characters group the screen without adding much to the plot. Be it the weak copy artiste who bends over as a shooter or the hyperventilating TV writer whose snippet of eminence is viewing a female cop transforming her shirt, the subplots have no genuine meat.

In the main hour, the film abandons you exasperated with its convoluted account. Post interim, the rhythm gets when the story begins to look less rubbish. Be that as it may, Arjun’s crude course of action ends up being a flat out trudge. What better do you anticipate from a spent story?

Regardless of being the prime character, Shiv Pandit has just a modest bunch of exchanges. He is sufficient yet the story doesn’t give him a chance to push past. Sandeepa Dhar as the insane screaming sensation of a cop looks great yet her over the top interpretation doesn’t talk exceedingly of her acting aptitudes. Varun Badola is likely the best thing about this film as he slips into the part of an idiosyncratic cop with energy, pushing past what the script had for him.

7 Hours To Go is gimmicky, lacking both the smarts and the danger of a thriller. Miss it..


7 Hours To Go Movie Review A prominent businessperson Kabeer Khemka is absolved of all charges in a homicide case by the Bombay High Court. A writer reporting it has been educated by a source that the prime observer of the case is a man named Arjun Ranavat. After Kabeer exits a liberated individual, somebody executes a woman named Maya, who is Arjun’s life partner. Arjun in an attack of wrath takes 7 individuals prisoner and the Mumbai police time to discover proof against Khemka. He uniquely asks for a woman cop named Shuklaji to test the case. At the point when Shukla arrives, she is confused by the accuracy with which Arjun has got himself assurance. The shooters can’t point him by any stretch of the imagination. At the point when Shuklaji dives further into the case, she understands that Arjun’s life partner really kicked the bucket correspondingly a year prior. For reasons unknown the prisoner was arranged. The seven prisoners all had personal stake in Khemka. The arrangement was to loot Khemka, whose building is blast inverse the High Court. The sister of the casualty who kicked the bucket at Khemka’s hands and she is the person who gets the group together. At last things being what they are Arjun’s ploy was to utilize Shukla as a pawn. The theft is effective and Arjun sends over his offer of the plunder to Shukla.