Bichagadu Movie Review



Movie : Bichagadu

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Vijay Antony, Deepa Ramanujam, Sathna, Bhagavath, Muthuraman

Direction, Screenplay &Story : Shasi

Music By: Prasanna Kumar

Dialogues By: Bashasri

Producers By: Chadalavada Padmavathi – Fathima Vijay Anthony

Music Director-turned-Hero Vijay Antony got comfortable to Telugu Audience with the thriller flick ‘Salim’. “Bichagadu” is the named variant of Tamil super hit ‘Pichaikaran’. Executive Shasi (Venkatesh starrer Seenu acclaim) wielded the amplifier for this anticipate. How about we see what “Bichagadu” brings to the table…


Arun (Vijay Antony), a very rich person, who returns India subsequent to finishing higher studies in Foreign. Exactly when he was going to assume control over the reins of the family-run business, Arun’s Mother goes into unconsciousness because of the mishap which occurred in the processing plant. Specialists proclaim they were defenseless and can’t give any confirmation on her wellbeing condition. That is the point at which, A Sage advices Arun to lead the life of a homeless person for 48 days to see his Mom increase cognizant. Trusting it, Arun handsomer the obligation of his business to his Cousin and sets out to live like a hobo. Did Arun complete the 48 days deeksha effectively? Was his Mother ready to recoup after it? Know more points of interest in theaters screening ‘Bichagadu’!


Vijay Antony can’t act out and subsequently he sometimes fall short for a wide range of parts. Monitoring his downsides, He is specially specific about picking just genuine/irritable characters. That is the manner by which Vijay Antony turned into a noteworthy advantage for ‘Bichagadu’. He went about according to the necessity of the subject and gathering of people would associate well with his part. Particularly, He wells in the enthusiastic scenes.

Courageous woman Sathna made a fine showing with regards to. The Actor who played Hero’s Uncle is really great. Rest of the on-screen characters have done equity to their parts.


Vijay Antony


Foundation Score


Tamil Flavor

Unreasonable Scenes


Vijay Antony is similarly great as a Music Director. Foundation Score gave by him emerges as a highlight. Tunes were not too bad. Camera Work is great. Naming could have been something more. Chief Shasi has done a considerable measure of home work for ‘Bichagadu’. Especially, He cleared out his very own characteristic with the screenplay. An excess of drama, Tamil nativity and Illogical Scenes act like spoilers.


A Foreign-return Billionaire turns Beggar for a time of 48 days for his laid up Mother? The plot itself is so intriguing and something nobody has endeavored as such. That is the reason, Vijay Anthony and Director Shasi merits a pat of their backs!

Chief Shasi exhibited the way of life of Beggars in a practical way. Blend scenes of Hero and Beggars turned out well. Few Comedy Blocks tickle the clever bone and Emotional Scenes hit the right harmony. Saint’s scene with Traffic Cop and a Luxury Car Owner were executed well.

Absence of Logic and Too Much Melodrama in couple of scenes were the significant misfortunes. In what manner can a knowledgeable individual trust the expressions of a Sage so much and transform into a Beggar? Group of onlookers can’t process such irrational point in a social film. To aggravate it, Hero doesn’t finish the 48 Days deeksha recommended by the Sage. Indeed, even conflict with goons at normal interims were misdirecting. Viewers will have blended sentiments after viewing the film. Unordinary Plot and Interesting Screenplay were the main redeeming quality of ‘Bichagadu


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