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Movie : Brahmotsavam

  • Rating: 2/5
  • Banner by: “PVP” Cinema
  • Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kajal, Samantha,  Pranitha, Revathy,, Sathyaraj Jayasudha, Naresh, Tulasi, and others
  • Direction, Screenplay and Story : Srikanth Addala
  • Music: Mickey J Meyer
  • Producer: Pearl V Potluri,Param V Potluri, Kavin Anne
  • Release Date: 20-05-2016


One of the biggest cinema of this year, Brahmotsavam have been make hum for a total time and everyone is coming up for its release.


The Grouping of Mahesh  and Srikanth Addala , who dispense hit S V S C was the major reason for the great opportunity it generated.


Mahesh , the top star of Tollywood, is as well in great form. thus Brahmotsavam  have turn into most-talked about the Film   this year. Will the team carry what everyone is look forward to? Let’s find out…


  • Story:

Mahesh  is son of an entrepreneur in Vijaywada. He has no name in the movie. His father Sathya Raj loves to guide life celebrating festivals with his relatives and relations members together. When his brother-in- law Rao Ramesh who is hoping that Mahesh marry his daughter Pranitha sees that MaheshBabu kissing Kajal, hell break’s loose. He walk out of the family and going Mahesh Babu’s father devastated. The tragedy in his family make Mahesh Babu to find the extensive family that is living all more than India.


  • Artistes’ Performances:

Mahesh  has proven himself that he excel in classy dramas where emotion matter more. behind “Athadu” and  S V S C he has come up with another sincere performance. freely speaking more than show, he has looked “beautiful “ loocking that is impressive. The movie doesn’t cover scope for him to get out best show. He has looked all more good looking and has carried the movie on shoulders till the end flat as the movie profits in dull manner.

Sathya Raj is suited in the character of Mahesh Babu’s  father. Rao Ramesh is in great form. It look like Srikanth Addala write cinema only for him.

Kajal Aggarwal has shared wonderful chemistry with Mahesh Babu and she has get more screen absence between the three heroines.

Samantha’s role and her performing is silly, when she speak in slang she sound awkward. Pranitha has nobody much to do in the film. Senior actresses  Jayasudha  and Revathy  don’t disappoint us. Comedy  Vennela Kishore has work well.

  • Technical Excellence:

prosperity is noticed in every casing in the movie  beautiful photography, dramatic sets, attendance of veteran and identified actors. Rathnavelu have film the film reducing with beautiful color’s. His photography has eminent the movie to the then level. Music is high-quality but they infuriate as they come regularly.

Songs like “Nayudigarinitikaada” and “Bala Tripuramani” are a luxury to watch on the screen. Picturisation of the songs is like commemoration of a marriage loaded great quantity of decoration.

Sets twisted by Thota Tharani are grand. PVP Cinema’s making values are rich. The cutting is utterly bad. Main villain of the film is editing work and dialogue script. There is not much action in the movie.

  • Highlights:

Rich Photography and production values

Mahesh Babu’s handsomeness

Interval scene

Climax episode Drawback:

Boring Screenplay

Too many songs

Dull episodes

Plenty of actors with little characterisation

Dialogues are hard to understand

Some sequences seem like a TV serial

  • Analysis:

“S V S C” had important director Srikanth Addala to a different league. Despite the film having no most important story, the way he has handle the scenes, bring out the bonding amid two brothers strike a chord with everybody.

His next movie “Mukunda” was highly criticize by many. Despite this, when he teamed up with Mahesh Babu for “Brahmotsavam” potential shot high and the title and teaser hiked them up as they promised a colorful family entertainer. however one feels resentful by the teaser as the film proceeds on.

Tin you sit through a film in which first one hour is devoted to songs, wedding events, festival celebrations, picnics, silly banter between family member and nonentity else? Yeah, the original hour of “Brahmotsavam” treads on like Sathya Raj and his son live with a group of 50 to 60 family member and singing songs. When the relations is not shown, we find to see some silly oral romance among Mahesh  and Kajal Aggarwal.

Like in older Krishna Vamsi’s movies “Ninne Pelladutha” or “Murari”, all the ladies either do pooja or make pickle, and every scope in the large home is decorated with plants, banana foliage, and dozens of children and workers moving all the while. The dialogues in thick Godavari slang now and then amuse us and the theoretical conversation linking Mahesh and Sathya Raj is hard to comprehend.

While the first part is filled with family performance with song and dances, the second half is more like a Travel written for a TV channel with Mahesh and Samantha heading to Nagpur to Haridwar to Jaipur to Sholapur and all above the India to find out the line of seven generation of his family. down the way Samantha and Mahesh Babu talk in plain silly way and look at each other approvingly but abstain from doing everything.

The procedures are as tedious as some of our never-ending TV serials like “Mogali Rekulu” or “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki”. Director Srikanth Addala has tense the focus on Mahesh and his affiliation with his father in the first half and then instantly shifts focus to roots of his family. It is like examination two different movies on a only ticket. But to facilitate is fine if it is told amusingly.

Although the film has couple worth family sentiment scene like the interval misfortune and the culmination duel between Rao Ramesh and Mahesh Babu, the actual drama is very little in the film, delicate storyline is the main drawback.

While the hero go all over India to search for his roots, he doesn’t care to bring his sister who lives out of the country to his home. Even when the tragedy happens at house, she doesn’t come? eccentric! Also, in whole first half, the director show that Mahesh Babu’s house is filled with atleast 50 members and servants but when the misfortune strikes, he show there is no lone in the house to loom excluding his mother.

Although the movie has stunning making values and great shooting, director Srikanth Addala has put all his strange ideas here. He fixed the film base on his whims and fancies, little helpful about a solid story or script.

“Brahmotsavam” tests the fortitude with its idiotic scenes, meaningless script, and snail-pace tender thread. If not for Mahesh Babu’s presence, the film collapses totally.

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