Ek Kahani Julie Ki Movie Review


Ek Kahani Julie Ki Movie Review

CAST: Amit Mehra,Rakhi Sawant, Jimmy Sharma, Saniya Pannu
Chief: Aziz Zee
DIRECTOR: Thriller
DURATION: 2 hours 25 minutes

STORY: Julie (Rakhi Sawant), a lesser on-screen character who climbs the stepping stool of achievement quick, appears like somebody who will make an imprint in the entertainment biz. In any case, in a world, where companions turn enemies overnight, Julie is played by her dear ones. However, she conceals an extremely dull mental profile which may help her beat the business frauds to spare her life.

REVIEW:: Julie is a sparkler of a lesser artiste. She comprehends the enormous awful universe of “silver screen” that she is in and plays along, throwing sofa et all, until she falls genuinely enamored with a film agents child Nikhil (Amit Mehra). As the motion picture world turns darker, all of a sudden the business men who wronged her, begin falling dead like flies. Her lone emotionally supportive network, other than her starlet companions, is the man she cherishes. In any case, when a tarot perusing companion tells Julie that she will murder her lover before the night closes, her reality changes.

The motion picture, said to be approximately taking into account the Sheena Bora murder case, looks to some extent like the first case. The story is incoherent and hops conclusions quicker than you can follow along. Villanious starlets seize Julie whom she trusts till the end, given her amicable nature. One can see the film’s end come a mile away, yet that huge disclosure guaranteed by the producers never arrives.

The redeeming quality in this “thriler” (without any rushes) could have been Rakhi’s unique voice, only for entertainment, yet since its named by another artiste, you feel scammed. Whatever remains of the cast enjoys hamming all through the film, and you turn out not so much recognizing what the “Paheli” around Julie was about.

You won’t not be a major devotee of Rakhi Sawant but rather you need to offer it to her that she is a decent artist. Her moving abilities are thoroughly absent from the trailer of her forthcoming film Ek Kahani Julie Ki. Since we are finished with the most sensible piece of this trailer audit, how about we start with the fun part.

Correct you heard it right. The scandalous Rakhi Sawant, the roof fan boycott demander, CHITTING hua hai informer Rakhi Sawant is turning out with a motion picture. It is titled Ek Kahani Julie Ke and it is MIND BLOWING. That is to say, it truly has an impact on you like on the off chance that you were shot in the mind with a slug. The trailer opens up with the most philosophical discourse EVER!

“Ye soch rahi hun ki tootate tint crazy ko dekh kar ye sitaare kya wish mangte honge!”

Now that is some Rumi level stuff. The trailer doesn’t give at whatever time to process this splendidly sorted out series of words and proceeds onward to other BEAUTIFUL parts of the film. What takes after are a couple of arbitrary shots of Rakhi romancing the lead saint Amit Verma in Goa and Dubai. Armaan Malik’s Oo Re Piya playing out of sight hangs on the last shred of trust in this film. In any case, too bad, the trippy stuff starts with the exact next exchange. Presently the rest of the trailer must be depicted as a wormhole of exchanges that gobbles up any strand of good filmmaking that may have unintentionally advanced toward the last item. A homicide puzzle wrapped up with unpleasant scenes and B-grade exchanges is the thing that this whole trailer is about.