Take a gander at Roshan! Wouldn’t he like to make you become hopelessly enamored?: Nagarjuna


In front of the arrival of Nirmala Convent, maker Nagarjuna sounds entirely energetic about the film’s prospects in the cinematic world. What he is considerably more sure about is his “legend” Roshan’s acting slashes. Hyderabad Times got up to speed with Nag and Roshan for a freewheeling visit about the film. Selections:nirmala convent movie review

Things being what they are, what made you pick Roshan for Nirmala Convent?

Nagarjuna: Well, when the group initially proposed Roshan for the film, I didn’t know his identity. I let them know, ‘Doesn’t he look like Srikanth, with Ooha’s eyes (chuckles). Be that as it may, when I saw his screen test, I resembled, ‘This kid is splendid!’ Look at him, doesn’t he make you need to experience passionate feelings for!

Is it accurate to say that you were apprehensive when you confronted the camera surprisingly?

Roshan: To be straightforward, I was more apprehensive to impart screenspace to Nag sir, than to confront the camera as a saint. I was to a great degree anxious for the initial two days. Be that as it may, he set me quiet. He used to cooperate with me a great deal and that facilitated me in.

Annoy: I would just guide him. i never needed to let him know acceptable behavior. In addition, his expression and memory were fine and the group set him up for the part. I didn’t need to meddle. To imagine that you know not youths of today is silly.nirmala convent movie review

Roshan: Even on days I didn’t have scenes, I’d sit and watch Nag sir perform. Just by watching him I’ve learnt to such an extent. The subtleties of going about as well as how to act on set, how to connect with individuals and how to stay humble. He’s both a performing artist and a maker and the way he adjusts the two on the sets is astonishing.

Things being what they are, how was it to impart the screen to Nag?

Roshan: It was mind blowing. Bother sir’s part is an essential part of the motion picture. The pre-peak scene which I shot with him is my most loved part of the film. I was left in amazement of him while taping it. He resembles a boundary in my romantic tale and in the event that I need to win my affection, I need to cross him.Nag, does that mean, you play a negative character?

It isn’t a negative character. It could go in any case.. I’d like to call my character an impetus. I could completelydemolish them or be the explanation behind their triumph. Everything relies on upon how they utilize me (grins).

Nirmala Convent,produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna , Prasad Nimmagadda under Annapurna Studio and Matrix Team Works, Nirmala convent movie review