Review: Pencil Movie Review



Pencil Movie Review

Director : Mani Nagaraj
Release date : 13th/May/2016 Rating : 3/5
Producer : S. P. Ragavesh
Music Director : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Starring : Sri Divya, G. V. Prakash Kumar

Music chief turned on-screen character, G V Prakash is back with a drawing in homicide puzzle titled Pencil. Featuring Telugu young lady Sri Divya, this film has hit the screens today. We should perceive how this film ends up being.


Shiva(G V Prakash) is a splendid twelfth standard understudy who is furtively enamored with his colleague Maaya(Sri Divya). As time cruises by, a star saint’s child, Nithin(Shariq Hassan) joins the school and turns into an enormous cerebral pain for every one of the young ladies in the school furthermore to the educators who oversee him.

His famous exercises get to a point where everybody begins abhorring him for sure. Turn in the story emerges when Nithin all of a sudden gets killed in the school premises and both Shiva and Sri Divya discover his dead body.

Left with no decision, they choose to go behind the rationale of this homicide. Rest of the story is with reference to how would they examine the puzzle and discover who the genuine killer is.

Additionally Points:-

Tamil movie producers are known not a little point and weave a story around it. Same is the situation with Pencil as well. The way the homicide secret has been set up in a school premises is entirely novel and intriguing. Likewise, the way anticipation element is kept up till the end is great.

Screenplay is a colossal in addition to as the producers have actuated great turns at general interims. G V Prakash looks and suits his part flawlessly and does his occupation well. Yet, it is the Telugu young lady Sri Divya who takes things in her grasp and conveys an awesome execution.

Shariq Hassan, who assumes the part of a terrible understudy takes after Raghuvaran and gives a threatening execution. All the investigative scenes and the way they are uncovered is great. Peak of the film grasping and the turn that is uncovered through a social message is simply magnificent.

Short Points:-

There are some legitimate blunders in the motion picture. As the whole murder puzzle is occurring in the school, nobody thinks about the purported murder and just the lead pair keep on nabbing the guilty party. A few rationales like this go asking no doubt.

Melodies cause an obstacle to the plot and exasperate the stream of the film for sure. The way Sri Divya‘s character is described is somewhat sketchy. In the wake of detesting the legend so much at first, she turns out to be near him in only a scene and takes the fatal errand of catching the killer, this could have been demonstrated a bit convincingly.

Specialized Aspects:-

Camera work is not too bad and presents the film well. Craftsmanship division could have made a superior showing with regards to as less understudies are showcased in an enormous school which looks strange in a few scenes. Music is underneath normal however the foundation score is pleasant. As said before, screenplay is the absolute entirety of the film as it holds intriguing minutes together.

Going to the chief Mani Nagraj, he has set the Korean redo especially well. The way he has made understudies the primary heroes and portrayed the film with great excites and clutched the anticipation is considerable.


All in all, Pencil is a not too bad murder secret with an intriguing commence and connecting with screenplay. The anticipation component and second half are gigantic resources. On the off chance that you are done observing all the vital discharges from a week ago, and are taking a gander at something other than what’s expected, do look at “Pencil” which winds up as a period pass thriller. Rating : 3/5

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