The Silent Heroes Movie Review


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Movie: The Silent Heroes

Mohar Basu, TNN, Dec 11, 2015,


CAST:: Maanuv Bharadwaj, Mann Bagga, Priyanka Panchaal, Simran Deep, Simran Deep Kaur , Nirmal Pant

Heading: Mahesh Bhatt

STORY: 13 hard of hearing youngsters set out upon an exciting mountaineering campaign and develop as saints.

It is a brilliant idea that endeavors to depict in an unexpected way abled youngsters in an enabling light. The subject fits a couple overpowering minutes. Be that as it may, they are hard to find. The Silent Heroes is an immaculate case of how being nearsighted can play down honorable aims.

As the story spins around its 13 quiet artistes, we are continually indicated how individuals are unfriendly to them. This wretched vein resembles a trick. The film additionally should’ve in a perfect world abstained from playing the sensitivity card from the primary edge. It demonstrates how as a general public our mind compels us to feel sorry for the underprivileged. Characters who unequivocally denounce individuals for alluding to them as impaired attempt to try and out the blemishes yet don’t exactly oversee it. Additionally, it is a disgrace that we are enlightened nothing concerning our ‘legends’. The 13 youngsters are a nebulous mass and there is no push to depict them as people with particular personalities and remarkable battles.

The film’s story demonstrates guarantee however its tasteless execution is an issue. It is unforgivable that the on-screen characters in this film are either exaggerating or sleepwalking through their parts. Thankfully its leads – Priyanka Panchaal and Maanuv Bharadwaj are watchable yet the same doesn’t stand valid for alternate performers who diminish their characters to exaggerations.

The specialized downsides and rationale passes further debilitates in the account. After a mischance, an orthopedist is seen analyzing the patient’s lungs. Unmistakably, this is the sort of lethargy that ruins this film from having an effect. Furthermore, the film’s tone is too level and however enough show unfurls on screen, it never truly touches you.

The triumph of the underdog is silver screen’s most loved topic and movie producers come back to sentiment it rather as often as possible. In any case, the equation is done-to-death and it is required that essayists demonstrate their creative streak in rendering it. It is difficult to not mourn over how absence of artfulness executed a durable idea


The film is the narrative of 13 genuine hard of hearing youngsters on a mountaineering endeavor to satisfy their fantasies.

Maker Mahesh Bhatt said that with this film, he needed to show individuals that they are not vulnerable or a weight for the general public. What incited him to name the film as ‘The Silent Heroes’ is the inclination that being noiseless is not a hindrance for the hard of hearing individuals and they are still saints.