Sorry Daddy Movie Review



CAST : Shamim Khan, Mukesh Tiwari,Tinu Verma, Razzak Khan, Raghubir Yadav,Gayetri Singh
DIRECTOR: Vijay Pal,Shakur Sir
GENRE: Action


STORY: Inspector Ravi Sharma’s little girl Aneeshka looks for his assistance in discovering her companion Aditya, who disappears. As Ravi starts his pursuit, he unearths the points of interest of a syndicate that is driving youthful youngsters into beggary.

REVIEW: This film will doubtlessly be the most recent contestant on your rundown of the so-terrible it’s-great assortment of movies. It is an absolute necessity watch, only for liable joy. This flashy offering takes shabbiness to a by and large new high. During a period when Indian silver screen is increasing its amusement, such keep running in-the-factory equation based movies are so shamelessly and unhesitatingly giving the term ‘blemish’ another significance.

Sorry Daddy is an out and out ham fest with unexpectedly clever discoursed. The film’s story spins around the cop and how he busts a noteworthy nexus that blossoms with the matter of beggary. This is an obsolete thought and the producers make no endeavor demonstrate any style in reexamining the idea. Utilizing the stocks props of the class, the film shifts between its saints, scalawags and their quarrels over gimmicky punchlines.

The film puts on a 70s’ shroud however doesn’t have the advantage of a strong story. A progression of scenes sewed together in a free account neglects to have an effect.

The acting division assembles preposterous drama in exchanges that will put Kanti Shah’s Gunda to disgrace. Aapke wajood ka ansh minor wajood se judd gaya hai is the manner by which a lady reports her pregnancy. In the event that you are searching for two hours of roar with laughter minutes, resort to this unashamed film. You wish the producers were half as heartbroken as their title claims.