Movie Review: Supreme


Movie Review: Supreme


Motion picture Audit: Incomparable

Rating: 2.75/5

Thrown: Sai Dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna, Expert Mikhail Gandhi, Vennela Kishore, Posani,Prabhas Seenu, Srinivas Reddy,Pruthvi and Others.

Music: Sai Kartheek

Cinematography: Sai Sriram

Story, Screenplay, Discoursed and Bearing: Anil Ravipudi

Maker: Sirish

Discharge Date: fifth of May 2016

For reasons unknown, Dil Raju continued making movies for the most part with Sai Dharam Tej in the previous 3 years. What is important the most is that our Prepared Maker could score one hit after the other. After ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’ and ‘Subrahmaniam Available to be purchased’, The twosome collaborated again for “Incomparable” coordinated by “Patas” distinction Anil Ravipudi. Is it accurate to say that they were ready to enroll cap trap hits?


Vikram Sarkar (Kabir Khan), an exceedingly persuasive individual, tries to get the a large number of sections of land having a place with Jagruti Trust utilizing fake records. Trustee (Sai Kumar) obtaines 1 Month time period from Court to demonstrate the boundless bit of rich area has a place with the Trust. At this crossroads, A taxicab driver named Balu (Sai Dharam Tej) meets Rajan (Expert Gandhi), who is the successor of Jamindhar Family which gave the area to agriculturists, incidentally and they build up a unique bond. Strictly when Rajan was grabbed, Balu comes to think about the entire issue. How this Taxicab Driver spared Rajan and Area from the grip of Vikram Sarkar shapes whatever remains of the tale…!


Sai Dharam Tej is in radiant structure, particularly the simplicity and vitality levels. He is amazing with regards to Moves and Activity Successions. Especially, He reminds Megastar in the remix number.

One must say “Incomparable” needed scenes which challenge Sai Dharam Tej as an entertainer. While Raashi Khanna takes centrestage in First Half, Second Half Movie will be overwhelmed by the Kid Artist. Raashi is diverting as the clever cop ‘Bellam Sridevi’. Her Blend Scenes with Vennela Kishore were too great. Mikhail Gandhi, the youngster artiste, who assumed significant part takes the show with his charm and acting ability.

Kabir Khan as adversary is okay. Ravi Kishan diverts as Comic drama Scoundrel. Pruthvi and Prabhas Seenu tickles the clever bone as auto cheats. Posani and Srinivas Reddy were alright. Ravi Babu is fine. Rajendra Prasad, Sai Kumar and Others have done their employment.


To begin with Half

Youngster Opinion



Outlandish Scenes

Drags a bit in Second Half


Music created by Sai Kartheek is truly normal. Aside from the remix tune, Gathering of people don’t discover anything energizing. Camera Work by Sai Sriram merits a unique notice. Altering is generally great. Discoursed are enlivening. Creation Qualities are satisfactory. Anil Ravipudi effectively conquered the second-film disorder by conveying an engrossing film. Aside from humorous comic drama pieces, Feelings passed on through the Child’s part hit the right harmony with the gathering of people. On the drawback, Story could have been vastly improved.


With ‘Patas’, Anil Ravipudi demonstrated his order at taking care of business subjects. Once more, He took a normal story yet described it in an amusing way. Funniness and Activity were given more noticeable quality to make “Preeminent” a paisa-vasool performer. Tyke Slant in “Incomparable” helps us to remember Chiranjeevi’s thrilling hit ‘Pasivadi Pranam’.

There is not a lot to gloat about “Preeminent” Story as gathering of people would know about what they going to anticipate from it only 15 minutes after the begin. After the turn was uncovered in the Interim Piece, The film gets unsurprising and keeps running on a level note. In the first place Half is a noteworthy advantage for ‘Preeminent’. The funniness created utilizing Champion’s part keeps the viewers drew in and combo scenes of lead pair turned out well. Satire Tracks of Pruthvi-Prabhas Seenu and Ravi Kishan’s Pack were exceptionally diverting.

The real story starts from the pre-Interim grouping. Second Half is dragged a bit, yet by one means or another the Chief figured out how to spare the film with great activity and conventional comic drama scenes at normal interims. Particularly, More noticeable quality was given to the kid artiste than the saint and this move really worked for the film. Family Group of onlookers may altogether appreciate the scenes of Expert Gandhi.

Couple of scenes in “Incomparable” seem silly and senseless, even the battle including physically tested in the pre-Peak. The way in which Peak was picturized ought to be welcomed. Had if the comic drama in Last Half was keeping pace with the Main A large portion of, The scope of “Preeminent” could have been gigantic.

Main concern: A Paisa Vasool Performer!