24 Movie Reviews



Rating: 3.25/5

Thrown: Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Ajay, Saranya, Girish Karnad, Harshavardhan, Sudha and Others.

Music: AR Rahman

Foundation Score: AR Rahman-Kutubh

Cinematography: Thiru

Maker: Suriya

Story, Screenplay and Direction: Vikram Kumar

Discharge Date: sixth of May 2016

Subsequent to scoring a cap trap with movies, for example, 13B, Ishq and Manam which are very unique in relation to each other, Vikram Kumar settled on a sci-fi thriller featuring flexible performer Suriya just to twofold the fervor of the motion picture mates. This Rs 75 crore bilingual discharged Today Worldwide in around 2,000 screens. Has the danger taken by Suriya and Vikram Kumar paid off?


Dr.Siva Kumar (Suriya), a researcher who changes over his home into a lab, concocts a time machine. His shrewdness minded Twin Brother Athreya (Suriya) comes to think about the creation. To get hold of the Watch, Athreya executes Siva Kumar and his Wife Priya (Nithya Menon). Siva Kumar offers his Son Mani (Suriya) and Watch to a lady (Saranya) before his demise. One fine day, Mani comes to realize that the watch he have isn’t customary yet could be utilized for time travel. Then again, Athreya who slips into unconsciousness in a mischance not long after Dr.Siva Kumar’s passing picks up soul following 26 years and becomes more acquainted with about the watch with Mani. Whom among Athreya and Mani wins the battle for watch shapes rest of the story..!


Suriya is spectacular in the triple part and group of onlookers get the opportunity to see the finest on-screen character in him on numerous events. While he looks threatening in the part of Athreya, He demonstrated great varieties in the characters of Dr.Siva Kumar and Mani. Out of the three parts, Athreya takes the appear and the interesting voice merits a unique notice.

Samantha looks pretty and conveys charming execution. Nithya Menon abandons her imprint inspite of short screen time. Ajay exceeds expectations in a vital part. Saranya benefits an occupation as Hero’s Mom. Rest of the performing artists had impact to flawlessness.



Suriya’s Athreya Role

Specialized Brilliance

Initial 20 Minutes and Interval Bang


Sentimental Track

Long Run Time


Specialized artfulness of “24” need to cheered as the sort of exertion put in by the Crew could be found in each casing. AR Rahman’s Compositions were radiant. Every one of the Songs are situational and picturization of ‘Prema Parichayame’ will frequent you. Foundation Score formed by Rahman and Kutubh is another highlight. The signature music and arrangement amid the pre-Climax square is brain blowing. Camera Work by Thiru is splendid. Lively Theme makes the film an enjoyment to watch. Visual Effects were shocking. Craftsmanship is of an entire distinctive level. Altering could have been exceptional in the First Half. Creation Values are the greatest quality of the motion picture and matches-up to the Hollywood benchmarks. Vikram Kumar’s Concept, Screenplay and Direction made a film like “24” work out as expected. Caps off to him for picking the unusual course but then having the capacity to succeed!


You can’t change nothing about the past and predict what’s to come..! How great it would be on the off chance that they somebody could make these two things happen? The same thought brought about a great film like ‘Aditya 369’ coordinated by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. Following 15 Years, Vikram Kumar pick the time travel thought to take gathering of people to the new World.

Vikram Kumar succeeded making viewers interface with the time travel idea. Suriya’s Performance, Fantasy Element and High Technical Values makes “24” an altogether pleasant ride. The time-solidify procedure utilized as a part of the film gives an entire diverse affair to the group of onlookers.

Initial 20 Minutes of “24” gives an impression as though we are viewing a Hollywood flick. After an awesome Interval Bang, The film takes a genuine turn, Turns n Twists in the Second Half keeps the viewer locked in. On occasion, These tension components confound/disturb the viewer a bit however interest stays in place.

The sentimental track of Suriya-Samantha is somewhat exhausting. Passionate scenes of Hero and his Mother tests the tolerance of crowd. Couple of scenes in the film seem senseless, for instance ‘By what method can a typical Watch Mechanic change over the Time Travel Watch according to the necessities of Athreya?’. Peak is essentially best class and the splendor of Vikram Kumar could be seen here. A film like “24” will be adored by gathering of people who desire for good silver screen.

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