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mastizaade-Mastizaade-Movie Review

MOVIE :Mastizaade

DIRECTOR: Milap Milan Zaveri
CAST: Sunny Leone, Vir Das, Tusshar, Shaad Randhawa,Suresh Menon, Asrani
GENRE: Comedy
DURATION: 1 hour 50 minutes
STORY: Sunny Kele (Tusshar) with Aditya Chotia cannot get hold of ‘enough of it’. after the two of them fall for impossible to tell apart twins, Lily and Laila Lele, their lives happen to an venture.
REVIEW: today’s bollywood news and gossips Right present one should notify you to facilitate Mastizaade is the result of a fractured script. dress up in the trade circles is that this so-called adult farce was reportedly assaulted by the (CBFC) therefore what did you say you see, in the current running time of less than two hours, is a disjointed mishmash of several stupid masculinity jokes, tacky in-house artefact placement clips, Sunny Leone’s stylish skin show and two graceful idiots – Tusshar and Vir. Both actors ought have realised that they have committed trained hara-kiri by individual in here.
Milap Zaveri, who is ascribed as the writer-director now, is the man who has in print at least half-way amusing comedies like impressive Masti, etc. and one would have without doubt unreal that he would have saved a summon for his individual directorial mission. But no! Zaveri takes his brain-dead audience for fixed and unmindfully cups out trite, leave-taking you heated and painful.
directly, this film looks like a well again version of very last week’s Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 as it has Sunny instead of Mandana Karimi. if not, it is just as blah. No challenge is through at a words; no one attempt to act each.
The lead company go starting Mumbai to Pattaya, chasing one another in a choice of states of dress and undress and mouth double-meaning dialogue. When they run out of those, they proxy it with crass hand gestures to keep dealings moving on partition. the whole lot starting a donkey’s b**** to a horse’s flipside is used for weak jokes. while we’re on the subject, the hero of this movie is the self-effacing banana! People are named after it, intake it or gesticulate by way of it.each 20 minutes, a chant breaks. Sunny, who is on household territory, look good-looking as she parade in an assortment of bikinis. She has also mastered the Bollywood tune-dance routine with kindly sashays to Rom Rom passionate and Hor Nach. Bollywood believe that if you comprise Sunny in a movie, you accomplish not need a screenplay.


Tusshar(Sunny) furthermore Vir(Aditya) feel like some adventure in their lives. They also want to taste the pleasure of the covering. So they raise Riteish Deshmukh who is surrounded through beauty at all times the surreptitious.
above here the table are turned. Sunny falls in favour of
Laila along with Aditya used for Lily, the identical twin. Now Laila is the nature who doesn’t believe in the magic poetry – I love you. as an alternative she wants to barely hear the prose (Tu de de.) Riteish tell them how they be obliged to extend a sexray–somewhat that allow them to not seem to be at girls heart but something flat deeper. The boys followed by start have fun. Their idea in life is simple. They do not want nuptials, they feel like . They feel like fun.lone day, Sunny along with Aditya go into a rehab centre with the intention of is run by Lily with Laila Lele.
The quartet lands in Pattaya anywhere the twins’ father Asrani run a resort. Their brother Suresh Menon is a and he too cataract for Sunny. Shaad also have a twin in Bangkok who is customary and popular among the ladies.
Lily is unavailable to Shaad Randhawa who is a cripple. He is in a take the chair and cannot ‘perform’. So she hatch a plan with Aditya to legend him and witness if her fiancee Shaad canister actually get his `element to ascend.
unsurprisingly hell break loose because there be two sets of twins, solitary homosexual, solitary father who loves guns and fine and Aditya who are trapped in the middle of this havoc.TAGS: Bollywood news , Latest bollywood news , Latest bollywood news and gossip , Latest bollywood news in hindi

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